Here's what the critics have to say: 

"The real hero of the piece is Molly Aster, a brave and precocious 13-year-old girl played with boundless enthusiasm and spunk by Brittney Monroe." -The Mercury News
"As Molly, Monroe, offers a sweet portrait of a strong, and determined character, while sub-texting the Wendy character to come later in Pan's timeline." -VMediaa
"Brittney Monroe played Belle, his charming yet realistic sweetheart."-The Stockton Record
"Little Sally, a poor, witty little girl (Brittney Monroe)"- Theatrius
"Monroe's performance was likewise captivating, bringing just the right amount of over-the-top spunkiness and purposeful overacting to the role."- The Stockton Record
"Monroe is a natural with this character and manages to steal virtually every scene she's in like an addict robbing a church collection plate." -The Stockton Record
"The other three March sisters are terrific as well, Brittney Monroe as youngest sister Amy, plays her as a spoiled dreamer, who wants to travel in high society." -The Santa Maria Times
"Little Sally is the character that easily could go wrong with a single misstep. Luckily, the plucky-yet-grounded zeal of Brittney Monroe makes her a delight." -The Thinkin' Man's Idiot
"Molly Aster (Brittney Monroe), a young girl who is a connection to the Darling kids, Wendy, Michael and John. Monroe brings that young 13 year old hero girl a charming class as a starcatcher. Molly who just realized that the boys might never catch up with her maturity level and love is a distant story in another script." -VMediaa